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The dedicated Reddit community produced a useful document along with the locations you have to reach, with some useful notes.

The intent of this manual is to speak about the current end-game You can expect to obtain the upcoming tiers of equipment in the next locations. It turned out to be a narrow approach to enter the expansion content.
Entries cannot be edited after submission. To acquire the last items, you are going to require the next. Design changes are being finalised to make a cleaner display of appropriate info, and providing more visual info on collectable locations.
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In the current internet, information concerning the story is broadly digestible in more compact formats for any RPer trying to get into it and honestly, not everybody can remember every small detail without some googling. It's difficult to swallow but the simple fact remains. Click EDIT to compose this answer.

However, it is possible to just have one book from the whole set of nine at any certain time. After all, it's necessary they need to have the ability to finish the AW.
In accordance with Yoshi-P, the very first step will likely be painful with regard to grinding. That's a crime and shame there is time. You are ready to just do a bit every day to earn progress.
The Birth of Ffxiv Aether Currents

Comparable to Alexander, Omega won't have to finish the significant quest. 290 Dungeon quest per turning in hard mode which will provide you 50 pieces. To be able to unlock Shusui of the Violet Tides, you have to first advance far enough into the main search to unlock diving.
Gathering nodes has an opportunity to spawn chests! It can be done at any moment after obtaining a Relic Weapon. Samurai is supposed to become an original job.
Details of Ffxiv Aether Currents

So it'll be a good deal simpler to learn. You need to work before you're ready to fly. You're still going to have to search for the current, although it's quite unmissable.
This step requires you to run a string of dungeons. It will develop into a monotonous and tedious task that can prove to be extremely fulfilling. The remaining portion of the weapons each belong to some other weapon kind and come with their very own exceptional weapon abilities.
There's much to do this calendar year, and we mean to present our all to supply you with the best gaming experience possible. Attempt not to forget about Guildleves, Some of them are a severe life saver.
For this reason, Gladiators searching for a new way of fighting have come to learn channel the aether in their attacks. This is precisely what I like in FFXIV, there aren't many assholes and almost all of my experience has been quite positive. Perhaps you must locate moogles playing hide-and-seek.
The Importance of Ffxiv Aether Currents

Each stat has a tough cap that maynot be surpassed. It is possible to also only raise any 1 attribute to 120 points. Moogle quests gives 6 tokens per day on the opposite hand, 9 if you're at max Rank.
You require a total of 2000 points of light gathered to finish the attunement practice. You will likely have to do another content too, but it is nice that it isn't required. The content isn't meant for you.
Activating the Compass will permit you to know where the closest Aether Current is, and you might walk towards it and interact with this. It's a good idea to begin all four quests together so that goals can be finished in parallel. By solving a little platform puzzle, you may get the currents.
This informative article is a comprehensive guide on how it is possible to get your own Zodiac weapon. You need 3 of each sort of crystal to fill out the step. It's very obvious that if you arrive, you do not have the capability to fly.
Travelling on foot can cause some exciting discoveries also. Someone should have heard me. Crafting is completely optional, but it gives one the ability to earn money and help your buddies and other players in many ways.
Characteristics of Ffxiv Aether Currents

Being among the biggest areas on the map, there's loads of ground to cover before you are able to take to the skies. All you'll need is the proper weapon equipped, and sufficient tome stones to have the ability to purchase them. Flying on the opposite hand isn't simple to master.
This one are found on a little cliff next to Orn Kite. Here, you'll need to maneuver down a few cliffs and climb on a narrow gate. To fly in a zone, you are likely to need to unlock all them.